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Hypnosis Comedy Stage Show
" You have eleven fingers! "

" Pick a card and remember it ... "

American Board of Hypnotherapy
The Fascinating Steve Marino   "Hilarious Stage Hypnotist"

Hypnotist Steve Marino has extensive experience delighting audiences throughout the USA with his unique style of stage hypnosis where volunteers become stars by unleashing their talents in a fun filled and tasteful manner. Steve has been a hit at high schools & colleges throughout the country as well as resorts, fairs, cruises, weddings, graduations, and corporate functions. Steve has been featured on National TV during prime time.
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Comedy Hypnosis and Mentalism   "The Magic of the 6th Sense"

How does he do it?  The Mind Reading experiments of Comedian, Mentalist and Hypnotist Steve Marino will fascinate your audience. Steve incorporates this interactive mentalism into his hilarious stage shows.
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High School and College Lecture-Demo   "Perfect for Students"

Steve's 25-year background as a Teacher and extensive practical experience in Hypnosis result in a unique opportunity to educate students about the mind and hypnosis. Through his interactive and engaging lectures and demonstrations, both students and teachers will be filled with amazement, laughter, and fun.
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Steve Marino's Serious Side   "Hypnotherapy"

Steve is a Registered Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through the American Board of Hypnotherapy and has enabled clients to reach their Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Stress Reduction and Athletic Performance goals.
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