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I have 11 fingers !
Entertaining at Allegro Resort & Casino Aruba
" You have 11 fingers! "

"You are one of our best performers."
Steve Casiberti, Giggles Comedy Club
Steve's shows are fantastic! "You are an excellent and gifted performer."
  John Marvellis, Producer/Director, WCTV

"Your shows are great for corporate parties; You're The Best!"
  Joseph Papapietro, Vice President of Marketing, Coca-Cola

"You are one of Aruba's favorite performers! Come back anytime."
  Diego Prudencio, Activities Director, Aruba Allegro Resorts and Casino

"Steve, your show was superb. We will talk about it for a long time."
  Amanda Hunter, Cheyeme WY Transit Authority

"The students and staff loved your show."
  David Lee, Middle Tennesse State University

"Your shows are great for high schools. You'll be back every year."
  Sue Cahoon, Haven High School, North Dakota

"Steve, your shows are fabulous!"
Ormond McGill, Dean of Stage Hypnosis
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