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Steve Marino
Phone: 617-510-7084
Steve Marino is offering an  "Extraordinary Stage Hypnosis Internship"

Ready to quickly learn everything about Comedy Stage Hypnosis ?
... a great opportunity to have fun and earn money full or part-time !

Steve Marino, National Performing Hypnotist, will mentor you in a brief internship enabling the launch of your exciting new profession! Steve will teach you all the secrets of stage hypnosis, including the latest techniques and methodology inspiring you to perform your own hypnosis show.

• 1-on-1 Personalized Internship with Mentor Steve Marino
• All Materials Provided (CD's, Book, Props, Sample Contracts)
• Steve will share all his "inside secrets" with you
• Supervised practice to learn techniques the right way
• Earn great money (Full or Part-Time) & Travel the country
• Steve's students earn up to $2,000 PER SHOW

Stage Hypnotists are in high demand! Discover this exciting field & perform at corporate events, conventions, high schools, colleges, resorts and more.
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